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Кочмарская Т.А., ФОП

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Кочмарская Татьянаинженер
Адреса компанії
Ровно, ул. Мирющенко, 43
г. Киев, Украина
Реєстрація:  3 травня 2016
Індекс активності: F0.0
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Производство и продажа профилированного бруса естественной влажности и сухого. Зимний лес. Строительство из профилированного бруса. Доставка по Украине и на экспорт. Международная аккредитация. Имеются все необходимые сертификаты – происхождения, радиологического и экологического контроля.
Первичная обработка антисептиком для долговременного хранения и транспортировки. Любые размеры от 2 до 6 метров. Скидки при больших объемах. Детальнее смотрите на официальном сайте компании. Выездные бригады для строительства домов заграницей и по Украине

We are wood sawing company. We saw and export Pine, Spruce and Oak 1-3 grade quality. Our company is situated in Kiev.
Our company is engaged in woodworking since 1992. Manufacture is located in Ukraine (Central Europe). All the products, that we offer, pass appropriate control, have certificates of origin and quality. We offer high quality pine lumber, oak lumber, pine timber raw materials, oak timber raw materials. Presently we have our own sawmills and wood working factories in Ukraine and export our production to many countries. Any specifications.
The list of supplied products includes:
- round logs (cylindered logs)
- profiled beam for wooden houses
- wooden wall paneling
- floor boards (flooring)
- baseboard
- block house
- laminated beam and logs
- pine and oak lumber
- square beam
- unedged board
- dry boards
- log houses (wooden houses)
- pellet boards
- oak and pine timber
- wood pellets
- bog oak
The company has international accreditation and established supply chain.
We supply FCA, FOB, EXW, DDP.
The main services of the LogHouseUa activities include:
- Timber felling in Ukrainian forests;
- Sawing wood at our saw mils;
- The full package services;
- Warehousing;
- Arranging transportation up to DDP term;
- We can make dryed materials:
- If you need samples, we can make as per your request. They will be sent by DHL/UPS/FEDEX/TNT and other express.
Lawful wood selection: our logs are carefully selected and legally certified to be harvested from commercial reforestation areas, authorized deforestation areas, sustainably managed forests, and/or appropriate residual wood sources.
Phytosanitary certificate: legally endorsed and included - pending regulations at country of import.
We are looking regular and reliable customers who are willing to cooperate with us. For its part ensure speed, quality and quantity. Ready to work with foreign companies. We welcome your suggestions!

Компанія утворена в 1992 році, чисельність 56 осіб
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